Q: How do I get to you?

A: We are based within a 30 second walk of the BTS sky train station Nana. If you want to visit us and where you are staying it is not possible to use the sky train, always catch a taxi that uses a meter, never catch a tuk tuk, if you get into the taxi and they try to arrange a price, ask them to, "turn the meter on" If they do not turn it on, get out. If after you have been in the taxi for a few seconds, the meter is not switched on, ask them to. If they do not switch in on, get out.

There are millions of taxi’s in Bangkok and allot of them are more than willing to treat you with respect and offer a meter service without trying to rip you off. Do not use hotel taxis or taxis that stay parked outside of a hotel, as these are the worst to use.

If you come to us by taxi, you must not say the name of our place, you must not say Massage, do not talk about women or nightlife, as this will make the taxi driver take you all around Bangkok for 3 or 4 hours stopping at every different parlour in Bangkok that will offer them commission. Some people may think, "I have no problem with a taxi driving making a little bit of extra money" and in most cases, we would agree, that said, the problem is the commission these places give to the taxi driver comes out of your pocket not there's, they will just increase the prices that they explain to you by the amount they give the taxi driver, so in effect, you are just being overcharged for the Taxi and the place they have taken you to. We do not offer taxi commissions, never have done, never will do.

To get to us, ask the driver to take you to, "Nana Sky train station or Nana BTS" we are on sukhumvit soi 7/1, keep the raised train station to your back and walk down that road, you will see us half way down the street (which is a dead end). Our logo is very easy to see and fills the frontage of our place. Our colour schemes is easy to notice and we are the cleanest looking place on the street, you can not miss us. The taxi driver during the journey will probably try every little way of asking you about massage an nightlife, if they ask any questions, you answer should be “you are going to see a friend in a hotel” and nothing else.

If you mention any of the magic words or anything to do with nightlife, massage, nana plaza, Patpong, Soi cowboy, Gems, jewelry, suits, shirts, tailors, tours, names of famous places of interest in Thailand for tourists, fish restaurants or even words that are similar to these, you will be then taken on a unwanted 4 hour tour of Bangkok and never get to us until you get out of the taxi and follow the rules above.

Please Remember:

If they ask you question you say, “I do not speak English” If they say, "where are you going" You say, "To see a friend in a hotel" Everything else is, "I no speak English" In fact if anyone on the street asks questions on the way to us, say. "I speak no English and walk off" if anything at all. As we are very popular, there are now people in the street explaining that they work for us and they will take you to "Wood Bar" or maybe one of our somewhere else first, but they are not taking you to us, they will take you to another place near to us that offers them commission that in the end comes out of your pocket.

Trust us we know.

Q: Can I Take More Than One Member Of Staff At A Time?

A: Yes for sure, we even recommend this.

Q: I am a man? I am a women, we are a couple, I am from this country, or that country, I am black, I am white, do you have gender or race discrimination?

A: In short all are welcome as long as you are clean and respectful to our staff.

Q: Can I book in advance for a certain member of staff and/or do you offer takeout?

A: Yes

For a booking or an out call we need you to confirm:

Your name ?
What country you told the hotel you come from?
Hotel you are staying in. ?
Time of booking ?
date of booking ?
Lady or ladies you want to book. ?

A rough idea of how long you will want our lady for. as in a few hours or much longer, this is so we can clear it with the member of staff and also ensure there are no work clashes.

For take out, Once you are in your room and you are ready for us to send our lady to you, please telephone our number on our website. We can only keep our girls waiting for you for up to 30 minutes after you confirmed booking time as after this, we will have to let our lady go to another booking or waiting customer. If you can not make a booking tell us a.s.a.p. If you wish to take a booking with 48 hours notice please telephone us direct do not email.

Please note for all bookings including in house, you will need to call us 90 minutes before to re-confirm.

Q: How Many staff Do You Have & What Is The Best Time To Visit To See The Most?

A: We have on the books up to 80 staff at any one time, we work on a split shift, from opening until 10pm and then 6:00pm until close. To answer the questions, "when can I come in and see all your staff?" that is impossible to know, as how many staff you see is not based on time or based on when staff normally work but it is based on how many customers walk in. If we have 10000 staff and 10000 customers walk in and take service, then you will see no ladies, if there is 10000 staff and no customers and you walk in, you will see 1000 staff.

What I can tell you is if there is 3 staff in front of you or 10000 staff in front of you, you are only going to choose 1,2,3 staff for the most and as long as you choose the right member of staff that offers the services you require, you will have a good time. If you really want 100 staff with you, please E-mail this to me and for an up-front payment, I will arrange it for you. What we will also confirm from experience is the worst times to come in, this is when we are first open and just after we close. We have an open bar area and our staff sit above you, so if you do not wish to be seen then OK this can be done meaning, if you want, you can sit down, relax and look around. If you see nothing you like, come back in again later and you will see more faces. We have cheap drinks, free wireless and you can even call a girl out to come and talk to you before choosing. Many customers even take a member of staff for service, go back to the bar area, sit down for a while, wait to re-coupe and then take another.

Q: Are you and your staff safe?

A: Wood Bar wants its staff to be healthy and well, so we follow the some strict regulations for staff safety, including regular health checks.

Q: Can You Describe The Services You Offer ?

A: Please do not send us E-mails asking us to explain what services we offer and to describe them in full with feelings and what happens from start to end. I am sure you can figure out what we offer. If you ask this question, we will ignore it. We are what we are, figure it out. Or Better still, go to Google and type in what you know we are and watch movies to see what you get.

Q: Can I Take Pictures of Your Place and/or Your Ladies?

A: We do not allow pictures of the inside of our venue and/or our ladies whilst working in it. If you have a takeout and you want to take pictures of the member of our staff, please ask for her permission first and if she agrees, Wood Bar has no rules regarding this, as it is up to the lady themselves.

Q: Are You Rooms Private?

A: Not only are our VIP rooms private but even our standard service areas are, its is all fully private. Each area has a cleaning area, seating area and private lighting for your and the member of staff. This area is completely covered and is separated into different rooms (Not a dirty smelly old curtain which is grimy and covered with 30 year old porridged up stains).

Q: Can You E-mail Me Pictures Of Your Staff?

A: As I am sure you understand, it is not the dream of every lady that her picture be used for internet reason advertising themselves as working in some industry's. This means that very few of our ladies want this to happen. Any lady that has no problems with her picture being used for internet reasons already has their pictures on this website. There are no more to send out or email, so do not send emails asking for other pictures of our ladies.

Q: What Are Your Opening Times ?

A: We open at 11:am and close at 1am.

Q: Can I Get It Cheaper Or Get Discounts?

A: Please do not E-mail us asking for discounts, free transport from the airport, booking of your hotels for you, asking questions about general tourism in Thailand and places to go for food, clean toilets, whatever. We do not offer discounts, we do not give advise on other places that are not us, so please do not send us emails asking this, as we will not reply.

Q: Can you give me directions on how to get from my hotel to you?

A: I am sorry we do not know every hotel in Thailand, where it is, how many staff they have and all the different ways of getting to us from all the hotels in Thailand. If you send us an email asking this, it will be ignored or we will just send you a link to Google maps. Also please do not ask us for directions to other places of interest in Bangkok, the airport, Pattaya, or other nightlife venues. Google is good for this, not us.

Q: If there are any questions that I have that have not been answered what do I do next?

A: Please e-mail us on click here or telephone us on 02 651 2563